Nutrition in Health Masterclass:

For the Professional | taught by Dr. Jenelle Nicole

Course description

Welcome to Dr. Jenelle Nicole’s Nutrition in Health Masterclass: For the Professional. This course is designed for any person who has a general interest in nutrition, or those who may work with others who are working to achieve nutrition, weight loss, or health goals. This may include some fitness instructors, personal trainers, or those who might sell weight loss and wellness products.

This self-paced training includes 12 modules that provide basic nutritional knowledge. If you have already taken a nutrition course, this course may be too basic for you, as it does not emphasize aspects of biochemistry, or human anatomy and physiology. If you are looking for a course that discusses in detail: metabolism, gluconeogenesis, metabolic pathways, glycolysis, or any associated terms, this course will be too basic for you.There are a few useful scientific terms used in these modules, but for the most part, the information presented is on a beginner to intermediate level and should be understandable to anyone who has completed high school.

Each module should take you 1- 1 ½ hours to complete. Modules are setup as such:

  • Review-Download the handout and use it to take notes on the information received in a short 5-15 minute video. Each video contains 10 major points.
  • Resources- Look at the links provided that may include blogs, additional videos, news articles, and other associated content that will help you dig deeper in your understanding of the topic.
  • Remember- Complete a 10 item quiz to assess your learning of the materials presented.

 This training course should be enjoyable and entertaining, but also educational.

Suggested books to use with this course:

American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide

*This course comes with 90 days of access.

Dr. Jenelle Nicole
Dr. Jenelle Nicole

Dr. Jenelle Nicole possesses a PhD in Nutrition, a Master's degree in Dietetics, and a Bachelor's degree in Health Education. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist, and has an advanced certificate in Christian Life Coaching. Dr. Jenelle has advised, mentored, taught, and coached over a thousand individuals in the areas of weight loss, nutrition, wellness, and spiritual health. Learn more about Dr. Jenelle Nicole at 

If you have questions before enrolling in this course, please feel free to contact the instructor at

Course Curriculum

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Module 1: Introduction to Nutrition, Food, and Health
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Module 8: Dieting and Weight Loss Solutions
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Module 9: Weight Loss and Health Tips
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Module 10: Nutrition and Exercise
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Module 12: Tips in Coaching, Training, and Consulting
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