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This course is designed to help you determine what weight loss tools might work best for you. There are a lot of weight loss products and programs on the market. But all will not work for you. Sustainable weight loss is usually a combination of dietary restrictions, exercise, behavioral modification, and social support. These things are the core of some of the most effective weight loss programs. This course explores those core components while providing you solutions, resources, and methods that will be helpful to your weight loss endeavors with or without any additional programs or products.


Dr. Jenelle Nicole

Dr. “Jenelle Nicole” (Robinson) is a scholar, educator, and artist. She is an advocate for improving the health of communities of color. As a nutrition professor at one of the top 10 HBCUs in the nation, Dr. Jenelle has committed to teaching, research, and service projects that promote experiential learning, leadership, and the utilization of the performing arts in health pedagogy to reach underserved ethnic communities. She possesses a Ph.D in Nutrition, a Master's degree in Dietetics, a Bachelor's degree in Health Education, and certifications in health education and life coaching. To learn more about Dr. Jenelle Nicole, visit

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